The Solution Architects Roles and Responsibilities

A mobile app’s tech architecture strategy depends on the modern-age technologies chosen by the solutions architect. Multiple programming languages, libraries, frameworks, standards, and architectural patterns are available, and each has different tech stack requirements. Here comes the solutions architect’s responsibility to choose the best suitable one.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

If you have other questions, feel free to reach us, we would be more than happy to sort out your business issues. Having a large-scale project may demand hiring a Solution architect as he will help with the management of software architects and the teams involved to emerge with a best-quality outcome. An IT solution architect guides your processes when your target is enterprise solutions or to make your existing product grow. Furthermore, a solution architect starts too soon in the project with a plan to achieve.

Harness the Power of Technologies to Drive Business Growth in No Time!

And the faster you deal with them, the faster and cheaper the product will be delivered. There are many different programming languages, frameworks, libraries, databases, architectural patterns, and standards. The responsibility of a solution architect is to pick the most suitable tools for a particular project. First, they create a technical vision to show how the software will cover business needs. Next, they pass their tech vision to the development team who starts working on the solution. They’re in charge of creating and implementing the data center infrastructure that maintains network environments.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

A solution architect is a person who comes up with the best tech solutions to clients’ business issues. Moreover, the Solution Architect closely works with Azure Developers, Azure Administrators, and cloud DBAs to translate business requirements into designing secure, scalable Azure cloud Solutions. Perhaps the most important tool in the toolbox is a visual documentation language, such as UML. The UML structure for describing a variety of different views of the software development problem in pictorial form is the most recognizable visual documentation language for developers.

Risk management

In terms of organization structure, would you think Solution Architecture team should be under Enterprise Architecture or as a standalone unit in par with Enterprise Architecture? Check out AWS Elastic Beanstalk, an easy-to-use AWS service for deploying and scaling web applications and services. Every project has a constraint that keeps varying from one type of project to the other.

A solution architect is a person placed in charge of identifying problems within a company, a particular project, or a group that is affecting the entity’s bottom line. Depending on the arrangement made by the individual companies, the job can be anywhere from simple investigation to full-on overhaul. A technical architect is an expert responsible for the nitty-gritty of the software building and deployment in each particular use case. Working in close cooperation with development crews, these guys are also charged with the support and maintenance of the solutions the creation of which they supervise.

Job brief

With this in mind, it is important to understand how a software development company works. NIX for example is a full-cycle end-to-end developer which means the company understands and has expertise in all of the different development stages. When we talk about software development and design, we need to consider the function of different roles. This is where the ability to explain complex and abstract technical concepts is crucial for these professionals. Solutions Architects also inform project managers and software engineers about the requirements of the project, and they remain involved in the whole development lifecycle. Over the past decade technology has transformed business processes, systems, and methods across various industries.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

Ultimately, you will work with the organization’s leaders to identify problems and then work with our IT Team to address those problems with innovative software solutions. We are looking for a Solution Architect to join our team and implement systems architecture to help solve our organization’s network problems. Entry-level employees make an average of about $76,000 a year, with reported incomes ranging from $75,000 to $160,000. A solution architect will suit your product needs with the best ways to implement them while explaining everything clearly according to the business terms. Holding a complete plan of future software and a list of essential and needed technologies is best despite having just an idea.

What is a solutions architect?

The latter determines what business structure, processes, and operations allow a company to meet its strategic objectives. Alternatively, we may say that enterprise architecture defines how a company’s business strategy can be executed solution architect roles and responsibilities most efficiently. At the same time, solution architecture is responsible for the technological support of such execution. You need to forge a link between the existing enterprise architecture and the particular project.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

Once a business’s software becomes complicated and starts getting introduced with risks and processes, know it’s time for hiring a solutions architect. One of the primary set of tasks that answers what a solution architect does is meeting the individual stakeholders’ requirements. Typically, these requirements come in from both technical and non-technical stakeholders where both have to be accounted for in the project. The Solution Architect’s role within the IT organization in devising technical solutions that tackle business challenges is fundamental. They collaborate with stakeholders, interpret requirements, and develop comprehensive solutions that combine various technological elements. The decision to hire a Solution Architect is a pivotal one that businesses often grapple with.

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks: Documenting Your Roadmap to Change

A lead architect defines the architecture vision and strategy for the team, as well as the architecture governance and processes. A lead architect also mentors and coaches the team members, and monitors and reports on the architecture performance and quality. A lead architect needs to have a high level of leadership and management skills, as well as the ability to influence and negotiate with senior stakeholders and sponsors. Although some of the most common degrees solutions architects hold are bachelor’s degrees in information technology, computer science, or software information. According to Zippia, 66 percent of solutions architects have a bachelor’s degree, and 24 percent have a master’s [3]. A candidate with an MBA in information systems may also be a good fit for a role as a solutions architect.

  • According to studies done with regard to emerging projects by tech companies both good and small, an average of nearly 50% of projects tends to fail within a few months of inception.
  • You will likely need a bachelor’s degree or higher in information technology, computer science, software engineering, or a related field.
  • While solutions architects are valuable assets in any business, their importance remains impactful only till the time they are learning and delivering their best.
  • It is the work process that solutions architects perform to bring business excellence and efficiency.

Another important responsibility of a solution architect is effective and seamless communication and collaboration. It helps them communicate regularly with the clients to ensure alignment with the business requirements alongside providing regular updates and addressing the concerns. It also involves creating the APIs, databases, and many other components that comprise a software solution. One of the biggest challenges facing tech companies these days is failing projects due to the inability to competently map out trends and innovations that would actually work. This is why we have seen surveys that indicate nearly half of new projects failing within a year. The solution to this is solution architecture, which inevitably involves an architect.

What is the role of a solution architect in DevOps?

The initial high-level design will need to be monitored to confirm that it is consistent and compared with the solution’s overall design. This is one crucial point, as there are many different practices related to platforms, programming languages, and tools. The architect needs to determine which of the technologies will be most suitable for a particular project. This is a daunting task that requires experience with different technologies and highly relevant assessments. For example, if we talk about integration with existing solutions, then a new project must be created using particular technologies to comply with the corporate system.

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