11 Best Freelance WordPress Developers Hire in 48 Hours

Every engineer we’ve contracted through Toptal has quickly integrated into our team and held their work to the highest standard of quality while maintaining blazing development speed. We needed an experienced ASP.NET MVC architect to guide the development of our start-up app, and Toptal had three great candidates for us in less than a week. After making our selection, the engineer was online immediately and hit the ground running.

wordpress expert for hire

Even though plugins are extensively tested and considered safe, one must be careful because they can be of varying quality. For the past several years, he’s been designing digital products for the banking, hospitality, fashion, healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, and software industries. Lance is an award-winning design director, product designer, and UX strategist with an MBA. He has 20+ years experience doing hands-on UX/UI design and leading design and strategy at three global agencies, two Fortune 500s, and his own design agency.

Project Manager

Even more important is the experience in debugging complex WordPress websites. They require much more than just designing WordPress sites with a great look and feel. A team of three developers can probably do the work of 1/3 of the time. Working with an individual can be risky, especially for larger or enterprise projects.

wordpress expert for hire

Hiring a WordPress designer requires you to test the candidate a little differently. Although the hiring process is quite the same as that of hiring any WordPress freelancer, you have to vet WordPress designers on the basis of their aesthetic sense and visual design skills. Obviously, the test and trial project you assign them would be different as well according to the work you need. Jerome Degl’innocenti, a WordPress fanatic, founded WPhired in 2010, with the aim to help the employers find WordPress professionals without having to pay the job board any commission. This has simplified the talent hunt process for many businesses and allows them a hassle-free way to hire WordPress developers from across the world. WordPress Jobs is a job listing page specific to WordPress design, development, performance, migration, plugin development, and theme customization.

Who Needs to Hire Top WordPress Developers?

The process for hiring developers through Codeable is great and the developers have been absolutely terrific. However, should you want more than a basic website, one that includes technologies such as payment gateways, etc., you will need to hire a WordPress developer to help you achieve this. Such a developer will also be able to help you customize your site to make it really stand out.

Whatever you post, the response will be a tidal wave of applications promising top-quality work for low per-hour rates. Anton is a team lead with more than 7 years of software development experience in PHP and WordPress. 10 years experience in software development, including 5 years as a Unity and WordPress developer.

Types of WordPress Experts

Instead of simply following instructions blindly, she thinks through the task at hand, becoming a thought partner to help with whatever the project may be. Besides being super talented at design, she possesses specific qualities that make her exceptional to work with given the fast paced nature of being a startup. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a talented, professional designer who doesn’t need much direction to hit the ground running. With a near-obsessive interest in creating well-balanced and pixel-perfect layouts, Cristian has designed one of the top poker platforms, HighStakes. After several years designing user interfaces (UI) and creating user experiences (UX), he now focuses on working on complex SaaS applications and providing branding solutions.

  • This approach comes at a higher cost and longer development time frame.
  • As for the management and coordination of remote developers, you won’t have to worry as much about it as the third-party agency would often step in to assist.
  • WordPress also offers a full range of eCommerce options, from one‑click payments to paid subscriptions.
  • Once satisfied with our exceptional quality and dedication, you can easily hire more WordPress developers to scale your team.
  • WordPress plugin development and the types of projects for which it’s most suited.

They function much like a dedicated WordPress expert, except that they do not have to show up at work. In addition, WordPress plugins can be used, which makes it possible to customize a variety of functionalities. Plugins can also be used to manage code snippets that can be added to the code block of the HTML file or the functions.php file of the theme.


If you are looking to create a team of developers, project managers, and designers, then Toptal is a great choice, as you can hire all the experts from one platform. With Toptal, you can hire software developers, designers, project managers, product managers, and finance experts to build a team for your small business website. Also, there hire wordpress consultant are many other remote job boards Remotewokr, Flexjobs, and No Desk to hire WordPress developers remotely. But it can be a taxing process to shortlist WordPress developers, designers, or even programmers for that matter, given the huge talent pool online. These days, many platforms and websites promise to give you the right candidate.

This is where you are going to find out which of the candidates left on your list are actually talented developers. The first stage is about removing unqualified candidates in an efficient way. The questions should be to do with logistics such as minimum experience, location, rates, and language requirements. You could find it hard to assess debugging skills when you interview remote WordPress developers. You might face the same challenge with freelance WordPress developers. Programmers need in-depth PHP skills when debugging WordPress websites.

WordPress Developer Salary: The Average, Plus How to Increase Yours

The best WordPress development teams never make themselves indispensable. With each new completed feature or project, they should show you how it works, and how to use it without them. If you want more than just a basic WordPress setup, it’s a good idea to go with a professional dev team rather than an individual. Perhaps the most important skill for WordPress development is knowing exactly how best to leverage all of the available tools, plugins, and templates. There are many qualified developers with 10+ years of experience who should still be classed as juniors. But there are many developers capable of getting your project completed, and for a reasonable price too.

wordpress expert for hire

And if you were to just focus on Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress occupies a lion’s share of the market at 64%! One can even say that it is a towering lighthouse lending direction to businesses in reaching their goals. However, the problem starts when a WordPress expert comes drawn to this lighthouse, like moths to the flame. Compare the Quotes you receive and hire the best freelance professionals for the job. Because themes are limited on WordPress.com and installing plugins is generally not allowed, WordPress.com is considered more secure than WordPress.org.

Hire the best WordPress developers. Vetted by us, perfect for you!

A standard job description would include a summary, responsibilities, and eligibility requirements section. We have a standard template for a WordPress developer job description that you can follow. Hiring a WordPress developer can take a toll on you, especially if you have a growing business. You have strict time constraints, a budget you can’t exceed, project requirements, and customer satisfaction goals. Apart from these freelancers, you can also outsource a developer team through agencies if you do not want to spend a huge amount of budget to build an in house one.

This freedom allows many WordPress specialists to register here and then apply to job postings by renowned companies. With a simple three-step process, you can hire a WordPress Developer backed by the Cloudways Expert Program. The program offers trust and transparency, and lets you network with quality web professionals to potentially develop long-term relationships. Codeable is specifically designed to serve as a WordPress Freelancer Platform.

Why not start your search by filling out a DevTeam.Space product specification form so you can see the vast range of field expert developers in our community. Simply fill out the form and one of our dedicated account managers will be in touch to introduce you to our great developers. With the right developers, it can be used to take your organization to the next level of success. Luckily, there are many great developers and teams out there waiting to add real value to your project. Asking difficult technical questions doesn’t really help you distinguish between experienced developers and those who have just finished studying and have the information fresh in their minds. Expert developers have wider exposure to web development services.

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